Our Mission

The Finance Club is a Registered Student Organization at the Universidad del CEMA in Buenos Aires, Argentina, that is dedicated to motivating high performing students to reach their potential by providing networking opportunities, guest speakers, accessibility, training, and resources in the financial and trading sector to increase member’s business knowledge and establish a competitive edge in the job market to ensure future success.

Our Vision

We seek to add value to the UCEMA by producing high performing, dedicated students that add intrinsic value to their companies. In return, we hope that our upperclassmen and alumni see the importance of giving back by providing opportunities and expertise that pave the way for the next generation of UCEMA students.


With more than 90 undergraduate, graduate and alumni members, we constantly seek to generate strategic alliances with student’s organizations worldwide to offer high-quality and innovative academic activities.


Universidad del CEMA - Chicago Joint Initiative

As an organization founded by students, the Finance Club does not represent the opinion of the authorities of the CEMA University or the institution itself.

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